Europe is a key export destination of Bangladesh. Europe has also been a partner in development. Celebrating five decades on, the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange and Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands are to collaboratively present the 'Best of Bangladesh in Europe' in Amsterdam on 6 and 7 June 2023. Something unlike before. The event is to strengthen the ties between manufacturers, entrepreneurs and exporters from Bangladesh as well as importers and friends of MadeinBangladesh in Europe.

In the two-day event, Bangladesh will showcase the best of herself in The Netherlands and across Europe. There will be presentation of potential business opportunities between Bangladesh and the European Union, opportunities for exporters and importers to do business with Bangladesh, and an invitation for the international community to experience exotic Bangladesh culture and heritage.

The initiative aims to showcase key Bangladeshi representatives from diverse sectors like apparel, textiles & home textiles, leather, jute, plastics, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, light engineering, electronics, ceramics, shipbuilding, and digital industry in the global stage. The initiative also aims to present a semblance of art, culture, film and craftsmanship.


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